Investment Property – What to Consider in a Buy to Let


The Tod Anstee lettings team has collated our years of professional expertise into one comprehensive guide to help you make the best decisions about which buy to lets present a compelling investment opportunity.

One of the property market’s challenges is that, as much as the long-term stability of bricks and mortar is a good investment option; making an informed choice remains imperative to turning an optimal profit.

There are so many critical factors that matter when choosing which buy to lets to invest your savings into or take out mortgage borrowing against:

  • House vs apartment?
  • Garden or courtyard?
  • Number of bedrooms?
  • City centre vs rural area?
  • Family homes or professional crash pads?
  • Mortgage or cash investment?
  • Timing your purchase?
  • Maintenance budgets?

Given that these are just a fraction of the decision-making considerations, we appreciate that making a buy to let investment isn’t always an easy process.

From our base in the heart of Chichester, and covering all of the surrounding West Sussex areas, we have insights into every aspect of property ownership – from the sales market, managing tenancies, investing wisely, and identifying those rental homes in short supply and high demand.

Download your guide today to discover What to Consider in a Buy to Let from the local rental property experts.

If you need further advice, to consult about which rental homes secure the highest rental yields in the area, or would like an independent consultation about your prospective investments, get in touch with the Tod Anstee team.

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The Benefit of Experience in Buy to Let Investments

Landlords enter the investment market in any number of ways. Perhaps you have decided to upgrade, and instead of selling your home, have opted to keep it as an asset and earn rental income. Other landlords decide to build up a portfolio of properties over the years, investing in residences when the market offers attractive prices and lower mortgage rates.

Some of the clients we represent might specialise in larger HMOs with multiple rental homes under one roof – the possibilities are limitless!

Here at Tod Anstee, we believe there is never a bad time to revisit property market performance. Prices fluctuate, demographics change, rental yields rise and fall, and interest rates move.

While a property might be here for decades to come, the kind of rental it will attract can vary substantially – think about:

  • Changes to university campuses and demand for student housing.
  • The professional sector and new businesses or employers setting up shop.
  • Proximity to public transport travel routes, and new train links.
  • The average age of the local community and the types of housing required.
  • Average rental budgets and the impact of growth in the West Sussex economy.

Choosing a buy to let property isn’t solely about finding an affordable investment with potential for appreciation.

It is also about seeking expert advice from an accredited, long-standing Chichester estate agent and lettings agent. We can pinpoint where the most significant market opportunities are now, and where we anticipate they will be in the years to come.

Our FREE downloadable guide runs through all the essentials to think about, such as:

  • Housing quality expectations, and how a well-presented property can attract better quality tenants and command a better rental income level.
  • Tenant occupied housing opportunities, and whether a readymade tenancy is right for you – or a potential problem best avoided.
  • How to evaluate the type of tenants you would like to attract and identifying the most suitable rental investments to serve that customer base.
  • Choosing locations wisely and looking for new opportunities to invest in affordable areas that are on the up.

For further detail about each of these factors, access your What to Consider in a Buy to Let guide with our compliments to help find your next investment portfolio project!

Expert Advice with West Sussex Rental Properties

Of course, choosing the right location and the most profitable investment properties is only one piece of the puzzle.

The other two crucial areas are:

  • Financing – mortgage rates, buy to let borrowing and deposit requirements.
  • Tenancies – finding tenants, setting rent rates and managing the property.

With so many period properties and prestigious postcodes in Chichester, it’s not uncommon to be bowled over by curb appeal – without considering practicalities such as energy efficiency, upkeep costs and parking availability.

One of our key pieces of advice is always not to think about where you would like to live, but to build up a profile of your perfect tenant, and choose a home best suited for them.

Rental yield is also crucial because you need to know not just what sort of rental income you could achieve now, but also:

  • How property rental values in the local area are anticipated to change?
  • What sort of cost factor to build in for maintenance and upkeep?
  • How the costs of a buy to let mortgage compare to your rental income – and what level of rental cover you need to get the lowest rates on a buy to let mortgage?
  • Whether any potential improvements could increase the property’s value?

After all, investment properties are intended to turn a profit. It’s crucial to crunch the numbers with a firm eye on the future potential for expanding your portfolio or increasing overall profitability.

Download your copy of  What to Consider in a Buy to Let, as your first step towards making an informed decision about the best rental property opportunities in Chichester.

The teams at Tod Anstee offer every aspect of managing rental portfolios on behalf of our clients, as well as being a full-service, accredited estate agent. We deliver a wide range of flexible lettings management services and make it our business to ensure your property investment works for you. From help with selecting the ideal investment homes in West Sussex, Tod Anstee is a one-stop-shop for all your rental property requirements, whether you are brand new to the sector, or an experienced landlord.