Local Businesses Collaborate to Champion Sustainability


Chichester based Pinksauce Leasing and Tod Anstee Property Consultants have joined forces to pave the way for a greener future.

The two local businesses were recently introduced by V2 Radio and subsequently collaborated on an initiative to invest in electric cars, with Pinksauce Leasing supplying a brand new Cupra Born and Tod Anstee taking steps to move to a more sustainable proposition.

To ensure the new electric vehicle was fully equipped, Pinksauce Leasing enlisted the help of EV Avenue, a local electric vehicle infrastructure specialist, to install a state-of-the-art EV charger.

Tod Anstee, an estate agency that focuses on sustainability, approached Pinksauce Leasing with a proposal to explore environmentally-friendly options. The like-minded companies quickly agreed that investing in electric cars was the right step forward.

John Anstee, Todd Anstee Director explained: “We’re thrilled that we are taking these first steps and investing in EV vehicles. Having Chris from Pinksauce to guide us on this exciting initiative is a huge help,” he also added, “It’s great to see local businesses working together to take the lead in championing sustainability and the use of electric vehicles.”

Pinksauce Leasing, a company that offers a wide range of vehicles for leasing, knew that the Cupra Born, with its impressive range, would be perfect for Tod Anstee’s needs.

With Tod Anstee’s agreement, Pinksauce Leasing ordered the car and organised the funding, and last week the car was delivered, and so the transition to electric vehicles has begun.

To ensure the Cupra Born could be charged quickly and efficiently, Pinksauce Leasing contacted Phil Wood at EV Avenue. The team at EV Avenue was eager to help and installed a charging point at Tod Anstee’s West Pallant office in the centre of Chichester, enabling the electric car to be charged quickly and easily.

“We’re proud to have helped make this transition possible and look forward to continuing our partnership with Chris and John.” said Phil Wood.

By working together, these local businesses are leading the way in sustainable practices. The partnership between Pinksauce Leasing, Tod Anstee, and EV Avenue showcases how businesses can join forces to make a positive impact on the environment.

This initiative highlights how, by making small changes, companies can make a significant contribution to sustainability.