How to vacate your property at the end of a tenancy


As you’re packing your belongings into boxes and planning your move to a new home, there will be a number of things to organise and check before you move out of your rental property.

This is the final, important step to ensure everything is correctly in place in order to receive your deposit back.

So, to make your moving out process that little bit easier, the Tod Anstee experts have provided details on how you should vacate your property once your tenancy is over.

Find all your documents relating to your tenancy

Firstly, gather your tenancy documents and any other files that you have previously been given by your landlord or managing agent.

This could include; your tenancy agreement, tenancy renewals, an inventory report and even receipts for utilities paid. Not forgetting any receipts for repairs and cleaning, or other property services that you may have paid for.

By reviewing your tenancy agreement, you can follow an accurate procedure on how to end your tenancy and what you need to have in place, as well as any outstanding payments or cancelling any services you have used at this address.

Keep it clean

When preparing for your departure date, you must clear all your furniture, personal belongings and rubbish, except for any items which were provided with the tenancy. A deep professional clean will also get rid of any dust or spots of mess you may have missed, from cleaning the carpets to defrosting the freezer.

Inspect the property by using the inventory your landlord supplied when you first moved in. This will allow you to ensure everything is in the same condition and see how much, if at all, it has deteriorated during your tenancy. As a tenant, you are responsible for any damages and repairs which are not “fair wear and tear”. So, contact your Letting agent immediately to get any damages sorted as soon as possible.

Some of the main tasks to consider as your end of tenancy approaches could include; washing the windows inside and out, keeping the garden tidy, washing the furniture and making sure all kitchen appliances, especially the oven and cooker top are spotless.

If you’re a student in a house-share, it is advised you enlist a professional cleaning company to take care of any mess. This can save you time and might be worth the small cost you can share between you and your housemates.

Cancel your payments

Before you leave the property, make sure you clear up any outstanding rental payments to the letting agent/landlord. Don’t forget to also cancel your standing order or direct debit rent payments after you have vacated the property, in time and on the correct date.

Oher payments include, cancelling utilities such as gas, electricity and water, a TV licence, Wifi and council tax. Also, don’t forget to notify your bank, as well as any insurance providers and medical services, as you don’t want your mail going to your previous address!

Prepare for your new property

Whilst you’re preparing to move out of your old property, you need to consider setting everything up again in your new home.

Don’t forget to change your address, set up your utilities and services, and organise any removals from your old property to your new one. The new tenants in your old property or the landlord may not pass your post onto you, so ensure all your important accounts have your new address and arrange re-direction with Royal Mail.

Moving day

When moving day finally arrives, take a final look around and turn off any appliances and main valves. Before you leave, also make sure all windows and doors are locked, and if necessary, take any photographs of areas you think may require proof of condition.

Lastly, make sure you have all the keys ready to hand back to the landlord and you’re good to go!

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