Increase the Value of your Chichester Property – Top Items on a Buyer’s Wish List.


When listing  a Chichester property for sale, every seller wants to achieve the best possible price.

It’s well worth knowing some of the tips and tricks that the property specialists at Tod Anstee recommend since you can considerably bump up the value of your home and drive buyer interest.

Let’s run through some features that are top of a buyer’s wish list for 2022 and the components that make the most desirable residences so popular.

Presenting a Chichester Property for Sale

The first thing to consider is the presentation and how potential buyers might feel when viewing your property.

There are several easy ways to make a home instantly more attractive, by replicating a blank canvas without strong, individual design characteristics that can be hard to see past.

Staging Rooms to Have a Defined Purpose

Say you have a small box room, and it’s currently used for storage space. Putting those items in temporary storage and buying or renting a bed, curtains, and a few everyday furniture items such as lamps immediately gives a better impression.

It’s also great to have a garage offering secure off-road parking, particularly in areas of the city with parking restrictions or permits.

If you’re not currently parking in your garage, and it’s stuffed with last year’s Christmas decorations and kid’s bikes, try clearing it out so a buyer can see the benefit of putting in an offer.

Dealing with Minor DIY Jobs

We appreciate that it’s rarely worth launching into a full-scale renovation if you want to sell a home quickly, but never underestimate the power of a lick of paint. Period homes are particularly prone to small cracks in the paintwork (a natural by-product of shifting walls, rather than something more serious).

Dusty skirting boards, cobwebs, and the normal clutter of family life can all make an exceptional property feel a little unloved.

Having a thorough clean, washing carpets, replacing frayed rugs, throwing open the curtains and painting over any bold colour schemes delivers appeal and gives a fresh, clean aesthetic.

Paying Attention to Curb Appeal

The first sight your viewers see is the exterior of your home, and even if it’s sparkling clean and beautifully laid out inside, a tired appearance can immediately dampen interest.

Give your lawn a mow, hang some hanging baskets, tidy up the flower beds and pressure wash your drive.  We’d also recommend cleaning windows inside and out to make the most of the views.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Chichester Homes for Sale

Environmentally-friendly properties with green credentials often command a premium for several reasons:

  • Features such as solar panels or modern boilers cost less to run and mean utility bills will naturally be lower.
  • Installing updated insulation or central heating shows a buyer that they won’t need to budget for repairs or upgrades any time soon.
  • The better insulated and efficient a home is, the better the performance rating on the energy efficiency certification, a selling point over a rival property.

If you’re considering selling in a few months, now could be an excellent time to replace old glazing with double or triple glazed panels, beef up your insulation, or replace a boiler that’s on its last legs.

In the future, the minimum performance target of EPC rating E for private landlords will rise to a minimum C rating. Hence, an efficient home is also more appealing to investors and rental landlords.

Installing a New Kitchen or Bathroom

There are multiple ways to increase the value of a property, but many require significant investments. Think converting a loft, building an extension, or adding another storey to your home.

To maximise value and return on any cash invested, the best place to spend it is in your kitchen or bathroom.

While there is a market for renovation projects, most Chichester buyers want a smart property that is ready to move into, even if they’d like to remodel or redecorate at some point.

Kitchens and bathrooms are key focal points, and you don’t have to purchase new fittings or a complete suite for each room to improve your sale price.

Quick Ways to Refresh a Kitchen or Bathroom

  • Replacing old, worn or broken flooring.
  • Adding heated towel rails or new sets of taps.
  • Fitting new doors on your kitchen units or repainting/re-staining wooden doors.
  • Have a deep clean of tiles and grout, so your splash-backs and bathroom look fresh.
  • Replacing door handles or the knobs on drawers.
  • Add fabrics, such as linens, to your bathroom.
  • Placing plants in key areas, especially on windowsills.

Another quick way to update your kitchen and bathrooms is to remove everything that isn’t 100% essential from the counters. Wicker storage baskets work well in bathroom spaces, and using roll-out organisers in kitchen drawers makes everything look neater and better organised.

The key is to present rooms that a buyer can see have ample storage capacity, so they won’t struggle to find a new home for their most loved possessions.

Expert Advice Listing Chichester Homes for Sale

Once you’ve done everything possible to brighten, freshen and clean your property, the final way to ensure you get a great sale price is to work with an experienced local estate agent. The Tod Anstee team serves buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords throughout West Sussex, with years of experience facilitating property transactions of all kinds.

Excellent marketing materials, quality photography, skilled viewings and full property listing details mean a buyer will have all the information they need to go ahead with an offer if your home hits the spot.

Please get in touch at your convenience for any further advice about selling a home in Chichester or our recommendations to ensure your property attracts the value at market that you know it is worth.