Home Rental – Key Steps to Renting a Property


Renting a property involves so many decisions – and each is important to ensure you find a comfortable home, affordable rent, a friendly landlord, and a convenient place to live.

With years of experience managing high-quality rental homes for families, couples, students, professionals and retirees throughout West Sussex, the Tod Anstee rentals team wants to help streamline the process!

Our complimentary guide, Key Steps to Renting a Property walks through everything you need to have on your checklist to find the perfect place to live:

  • How to find great standard rentals in Chichester and beyond.
  • What to look for in a reliable, safety compliant landlord.
  • How to set yourself a rental budget and understand affordability checks.
  • The tenancy application process, and what’s involved.

We work with tenants who are renting their very first home, those who have had negative experiences with landlords in the past, and families looking to expand their living space!

To access your FREE guide to make your rental property search a breeze, sign up below. If you would like tailored assistance with browsing our rental listings, or finding the right home for your budget, get in touch with the rental team for more advice.

What to Expect from a Tenancy Application

For many people, the process of providing documentation, filling in application forms, running through checks, and needing to give references can feel a little time-consuming. Tod Anstee aims to remove all of those barriers to you finding an optimal rental property, whether you’re searching for a city centre contemporary apartment or a spacious family home with plenty of green space.

Our guide explains what sort of information you’ll be asked for, why it is required, and what your landlord or rental agent will do with the data you provide.

Other areas covered include:

  • Deposit requirements – how much deposit do you need to move in?
  • Who is responsible for paying the utility bills and council tax?
  • Are you allowed to bring a pet to live with you?
  • What happens if something breaks down or the property needs a repair?
  • Do you need to have insurance, or does the landlord cover that?
  • Which documents will you need to apply as a new tenant?
  • How easy is it to get a broadband and telephone line installed?

Each of these questions is answered, with a concise summary of all the cost considerations, eligibility checks, and insurance requirements explained. Some of the essential elements of renting a happy home are to find a landlord who you have excellent communication with, and feeling secure and settled in your rental property.

If in any doubt as to any aspect of the rental process, whether that’s dealing with utility providers or working out what insurance you need, the Tod Anstee rentals team is always just a phone call away.

While application processes are always necessary; if you know how the process works you have plenty of time to collect the paperwork you need, get your references in place, and be ready to put down your deposit to go ahead with your move!

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Help to Find a Rental Home in West Sussex

Another essential point is to know where it is you’d like to live. Our teams regularly deal with enquiries from people who are new to the area, moving to West Sussex to take up work, or who have decided to relocate from urban regions to enjoy all the fresh air, scenery, culture and community on offer in Chichester.

Finding a great home isn’t only about deciding what type of property you’d like to live in, and what requirements are top of your must-have list, but also knowing the local area.

Tod Anstee has been renting, managing and selling properties across West Sussex for years. We can provide local knowledge about the best areas for you – whether that’s the shortest commute, close to the top-rated schools, or with spectacular views.

The Key Steps to Renting a Property guide considers all the practicalities of renting a new property, but if you need tailored advice for your property search, do get in touch. A bespoke rental service is ideal since tenants benefit from on-the-ground advice about factors such as:

  • Which landlords accept pets, and what agreements you need in place in advance.
  • How often the landlord will inspect the property and why.
  • What you need to do to formalise your tenancy agreement and how the payments process works.

You may need to use a guarantor, for example, if you are renting a home in Chichester for the first time, or are studying and have family support with your rental payments. We cover how guarantors work within our complimentary guide, so both you and your family understand what is involved, and how to get the process started!

Understanding Tenancy Agreements

Your tenancy agreement is your contract with your landlord. It sets out everything about what your responsibilities are to look after the property, what your landlord will do to maintain the home’s quality, and who looks after particular upkeep jobs.

For first-time renters, this formal contract may not be familiar, so the Tod Anstee rentals team works through this process in our free guide, so you know when to expect to sign this, what it means, and what sort of information is included.

We focus on making the management of rental properties, streamlined and simple for both landlords and tenants, so you can focus on moving into your dream home, while we provide clear guidance every step of the way.

The more you know about the rental process, the better, allowing your tenancy to be finalised faster, without hiccups and with full understanding about what to expect. If you are considering moving to Chichester or already live in the area and would like to find a new home download Key Steps to Renting a Property today!

Should you require more information, or need help sourcing the home you have in mind, contact the Tod Anstee rentals team at any time to get your property search started.