Relocating to the Countryside? What makes Chichester Property so Attractive?


For many city dwellers, the appeal of the countryside has never been so compelling. A relaxed pace of life, strong communities and the health benefits of more rural living have never been in higher demand. Here in Chichester, we continue to see sharp increases in demand for properties – and wanted to explore what makes Chichester property so appealing to property seekers!

The Property Divide

There has always been a contrast between both the type, and the price, of properties most sought after in densely built-up urban cities and more spacious regions. Prices per square foot increase exponentially in city centres, making family living in rural settings a hugely appealing prospect. It offers better amenities, more room for families to grow, and a less cramped home environment.

Remote working has become recognised as a tangible asset to deliver the best in productivity to workforce teams across the country and is changing the way we work. It is no wonder that this adaptation makes the reality of being able to relocate to a West Sussex property more of an attainable aspiration.

Commute times are accessible, industry leaders are recognising the potential of working from home, and so the freedom of choice to live outside of the city is becoming a popular choice.

Work-life balance is more than a catchphrase; it is an essential part of creating a foundation for happy and prosperous family life. We are seeing this becoming more of a priority for property seekers across the southeast.

When the Grass is Greener

A vital factor in choosing the best location for your home and your family is the lifestyle on offer. In a post-pandemic world, the real value of rural living is rising to the forefront of property owners’ checklists in essential criteria for their ideal home. Congested city life and the claustrophobia of tightly knit quarters has become an additional strain on urban living. In a health crisis, the appeal of supportive communities, fresh air and spacious lifestyles becomes recognised as a lucrative, long-term, investment.

Further to this, the freedom of movement in locations with plenty of outdoor space, less dense populations and easily accessible transport links has risen in stark contrast to the cramped conditions of city living. Rural lifestyles aren’t, of course, just about the parks and the countryside, but are about community. Smaller class sizes in schools, friendly neighbourhoods and the social aspect of becoming a proud West Sussex property owner add to the appeal.

This appreciation of the quality of life on offer for local homeowners is driving Chichester towards being one of the most sought after locations in the UK.

Chichester stands alone in offering a harmonious blend of urban and rural life, with the modern amenities that make such a difference to the convenience of our lifestyles. Both a cathedral city and the county seat, but also an urban setting nestled in the beauty of the South Downs, with the elegant Chichester Harbour adding another perspective to this most unique of cities. It combines the best in relaxed living and family comfort with excellent travel connections, being a short train ride from London, and the flexibility of homes that lends itself perfectly to property buyers looking to broaden their horizons.

Chichester Property in the Spotlight

While the city is becoming ever more popular as a West Sussex property location due to the lifestyle benefits on offer, it has always been a sought-after investment spot particularly for people looking to relocate from London.

West Sussex, with Chichester as the jewel on the crown, is a prestigious location with much to offer for all types of property owners. As a heritage city with a wealth of historic sites and beautiful Edwardian and Georgian architecture, the cathedral city sits apart as a location with charm and attraction like no other.

Chichester Harbour offers not only access to prestigious yacht clubs such as Bosham and Itchenor but is also a perfect location from which to enjoy the scenic attraction of life on the water. The Harbour and the walk through Dell Quay are hugely popular, with contemporary dining sitting harmoniously alongside peaceful country walks. With the abundance of outstanding natural beauty sites surrounding Chichester and adorning West Sussex, there is no wonder that the unique appeal of the South Downs and relaxation spots in recreational areas such as Priory Park combine to create something exceptional.

With an outstanding standard of educational establishments, the county seat is also a vied for property location for families valuing the prestige of schools such as Chichester College and Chichester University. These offer exceptional opportunities both for younger children and further education alike. Adding into the mix Witterings Beaches just a short distance away, and the appeal of Goodwood and all the events on offer makes Chichester a dynamic, multi-faceted and attractive location.

Chichester Cathedral sits as the pinnacle in the region. It denotes the contrast of modern living and unique history, beatific countryside and luxe amenities, and outstanding education opportunities along with a high standard of family living.

West Sussex Property

In a climate of self-care and a heightened sense of needing to establish a haven, it isn’t surprising that Chichester has become top of the list in desirable property investments. However, that doesn’t preclude buyers who are looking to take their first step on the property ladder, or new families looking to move to the area.

Chichester is a city of scope, with properties of all sizes and development opportunities. You will find astonishingly luxurious family estates in Dell Quay alongside help for first-time buyers looking to invest in spacious apartments. Stylish Edwardian apartment buildings offer high ceilings and a breath of fresh air while providing lucrative opportunities to become part of the property owner’s community in Chichester.

While it is renowned for offering a unique location for family residences, the charm of Chichester isn’t lost on younger professionals. They recognise that the quality of amenities provides all the modern luxuries you might expect while being just 90 minutes from central London. Connections are essential for every business, and Chichester residents can access Southampton, Brighton and Portsmouth in less than an hour, Gatwick Airport in an hour and central London in 90 minutes. These high-speed train connections and the convenient links to the logistical arteries of the southeast add to the mix to make Chichester the ultimate West Sussex property location.

Chichester has always been a smart investment and continues to grow in popularity. Now is an ideal time to make your move as the property market emerges from a period of calm. Whether you are looking to obtain the best value for your property, or are seeking a relocation to establish your home as part of our city community, get in touch today.

Our friendly Chichester team is on standby to provide our full support in making your home move live up to the best of your aspirations.


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