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The New-Build Landlord Opportunity: Selling Up vs Refocusing Your Rental Business


The Tod Anstee team speaks to landlords, tenants and property managers daily and appreciates that property professionals have a range of challenges to contend with: Ever-changing regulations that can be difficult to keep pace with. Higher property running and management costs. Lower tax-deductible allowances impacting profit margins.   While these factors are a reality, landlords […]

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EV Charging Point Grants for Landlords


There are three significant reasons that electric vehicle (EV) charging points are rising to the top of a tenant’s wish list – particularly for professionals who are more likely to have company cars: Electric cars are exempt from road tax, and the declarable P11D benefit for business vehicles is now at 2%. Exact savings vary, […]

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Choosing the Right Chichester Property Investments for the Rental Market


Chichester has long been one of the most desirable UK cities, with a unique blend of cosmopolitan living, heritage and culture, access to green spaces and extraordinary natural beauty. While the Pallants might be a trendy place to live, the rental market is all about assessing: What sort of tenants do you expect to market […]

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What is the EPC Band C Rating and How Can Landlords Ensure Their Properties are Compliant?


The government has committed to energy-efficiency and low-carbon emission targets, and has announced plans to pass on some of the legwork to landlords within the next three years. Let’s take a look at what landlords need to know about energy performance requirements, deadlines, and the costs of non-compliance. What is the Energy Performance Band C […]

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How to Vet Tenant Applications for Chichester Rentals


The rental market in Chichester and throughout West Sussex is remarkably strong, with high-quality homes and excellent living standards attracting tenants from across the UK. Tenant checks are a key step in the lettings process and are essential for landlords to ensure they accept great tenants who will enjoy living in their residences. Here we […]

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Why the Renters Reform Bill is Good News for Landlords


Much has been reported about the sweeping changes anticipated in the Renters Reform Bill – but the reality is that this legislation will take a good two years of debate and modification to come into force. Whilst the bill is under discussion, there aren’t any immediate impacts on landlords. And, after careful analysis, the Tod […]

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The Rental Property Market Rise in Detached Family Residences


Over the last few months, we’ve shared several articles about the shifting trends in the UK property market – and recent industry reports indicate that demand remains exceptionally high. Detached properties and family homes are now the most sought-after rental accommodation, surpassing conventional investments such as student accommodation. Let’s take a closer look at the […]

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The Autumn 2021 Landlord Update


It’s been a rollercoaster 18 months for landlords, with soaring demand and, of course, the prospect of the new Rental Reform White Paper. Here our Landlord Update sums up everything landlords need to do as we head into the Autumn, and the potential changes to be aware of! If you need any support with the […]

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Why West Sussex is a UK Property Hotspot


As West Sussex property experts, we are regularly asked for our advice on the best places to buy – and which of our beautiful local towns and villages are in the most significant demand. Choosing the right place to buy depends on many factors, such as: Proximity to travel links, schools and workplaces. Whether you […]

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Tax Relief For Landlords on Multiple Dwellings


It’s little secret that landlords have found the staggered changes to tax relief rules over the last few years challenging. As a brief recap, from April 2021, landlords cannot claim tax relief on mortgage interest costs. This change has been implemented in phases, with each tax year seeing a 25% drop in the allowance. However, […]

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Why Remote Letting is a Big Opportunity for West Sussex Landlords


Property investment has long been an excellent way to invest in long-term, stable assets with rental income to balance out the cost of mortgage payments. West Sussex is one of the most sought-after areas in the UK for landlords who want to purchase high-quality, attractive homes. There is a reliable demand from tenants who aspire […]

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The Potential of Pet-Friendly Rental Properties 


Private landlords are always striving to improve the appeal of their property portfolios. More competitive rentals command higher rates, suffer from fewer vacancies, and attract high-quality, long-term tenants. Top of the agenda, therefore, is looking at what tenants want from their ideal rental home: Excellent quality decor and condition. Convenient locations and generous room sizes. […]

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Investment Property – What to Consider in a Buy to Let


The Tod Anstee lettings team has collated our years of professional expertise into one comprehensive guide to help you make the best decisions about which buy to lets present a compelling investment opportunity. One of the property market’s challenges is that, as much as the long-term stability of bricks and mortar is a good investment […]

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Letting Your Property – What to Consider When Becoming a Landlord


As a landlord, there are core demands of the business – finding new tenants, managing maintenance tasks and collecting rent. However, there is an increasing number of legal and contractual requirements to be mindful of, whether your rented properties are based in central Chichester or a more rural location. Factors such as insurance, appliance safety, […]

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Electrical Safety Standards – What Landlords Need to Know


With all the disruption of 2020, UK landlords have another pressure to bear in mind. New electrical safety inspection rules were announced earlier this year, and come into force from 1st April 2021 for all existing tenancies. As a Chichester letting agent with years of experience supporting a vast range of landlords, we’ve created this […]

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